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Natural Gas Royalty Estimate

Natural Gas Royalty Estimate

How much should you be paid for your gas?

This calculator can be used to produce an estimate of your expected monthy income from a natural gas well, assuming that you can at least guess at the average well yield in millions of cubic feet per day. Keep in mind that this is merely an estimate, and you could be paid a lot more money or a lot less. Also, this calculator estimates income for natural gas, but some wells have additional income from oil, natural gas liquids or other commodities that are not included in this royalty estimate.


Natural gas wells produce at a very high rate during their first few months of production. If you have a gas well and get an amazing payment for the first month of royalties, you can bet the whole check that the production of your well is going to drop rapidly (more information here). So use that first check to pay down your debts and open a certificate of deposit. And, don't quit your job until you know that you have enough money to retire.

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